Mirror V.S. Mask

A mirror is a reflection of yourself
Shows you exactly what’s there
Nothing more or less
A lot of times you aren’t happy with what you see
Choose to changed
Just for that guy across the room
Or the popular girl with the “sexy body”
Don’t deny it
I know that at least once in your life
You didn’t want to show people the Mirror you
Afraid of getting judge
Not fitting in
So you go out
Buy a the Mask
Put it on in front of everyone else
Get so caught up in it
That when you see the true you
You can’t stand it
Want the 'ugly beast" you see
To disappear
And never come back
Every night
You wish on a star
Hoping one day your look will change
Change into what you want to be
Is that really you wanting it?
When people hate the way they look
And dress up so that no one else sees that side of them
I don’t believe it’s them
Not the full them anyway
I believe that everyone has two sides
And there is always one
That gets corrupted by society
But the other does not
When you start to hate the way you really look
I know that it isn’t by your own hand
You just let the Mask,
The part of you that wants to be like everybody else,
Take over  
I will not judge you if you decide the Mask or Mirror
For there is no right or wrong way
Since we may see this topic differently
But I do hope that you choose the Mirror
For even though you may see an “ugly monster”
I see a handsome prince
And beautiful princess
What I speak is true
You are beautifully handsome (lol) just the way you are
I just hope that what you choose you are happy with...
But I do have a question
What WILL you choose?

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