I’m a caged animal
In a dark room
I get fed by a random person
The chains never come off
They do sometimes...
But soon after they clamp back on
Digging into my flesh
I whimper
Afraid to cry
I’m so fearful
When the door opens
The person who has me locked up
Whips me
I lose count
Sometimes they whip me in the same spot
Oh the pain...
It has been like this for almost two years
It’s always the same thing
I know I can take more
But a part of me is denying that
Trying to get me to give up
I can’t.
I won’t.
I have a reason to keep fighting
And that drives me more than anything
One night
I got a nightmare
The people I care for were getting hurt
I just stood there watching...
I called out to them but I didn’t save them
Upon waking
I was filled with passion
I tugged at my chains
Breaking every last one
I hid in the darkness
Waiting for my captors to come in
I run as fast as I can
My chains mysteriously grabbing onto me
“NO! Not now! NEVER AGAIN!!!”
I keep going
I’m running home
Back to where I need to be
At home I see my loved ones
They welcome me with a smile
I hug them and don’t let go
As tears stream down my face
I feel something wrapping around my ankles
I ignore it
Because I know I’ll be able to defeat them
My chains will no longer control me.

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