There He Stands

He stands there
Watching me
Hoping I’ll look his way
When I do he smiles
But I do not return the gesture
I walked away
But stop to look behind me
His smile fades and his eyes tear up
I guess I hurt him...
Oh, well.
The next time I see him
I decided to smile back
He started to walk to me
But I someone calls me
And I leave him once again
The next time I see him
I swore to talk to him
So when he saw me
I walked up to him and started to talk
When I spoke to him
I felt a lot better
My worries started to fade away
And I feel like every problem has dissipated
Again and again I talk to him
And when he speaks
His voice sounds so relaxing
I never thought that anyone
Could sound so sweet
But he has changed my perspective
Maybe people aren’t as bad as I thought
We started to separate as my life got better
I stopped talking to him as much as I use to
Things were so much better
So why did I need him?
I didn’t need him any more so what’s the point?
My life started to change again
As it started to get worse
I called upon the man again
And he listen to my problems
I kept talking to him
Until my life got better
Then we stopped talking again
he tried to talk to me
But I ignored him
I didn’t need him
So what was the point?
But wherever I went...
There he stood...

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