Does it Matter?

Why should I be like you?
Why should I change my ways
To fit in with you?
I don’t want to be you
And I won’t ever turn into you
You girls walk around
Acting like your hot stuff
Wearing things that are hundreds of dollars
And putting on make-up
When your only a child
Of course you weren’t always like this
You actually weren’t obsessed with your looks
And how other people saw you
But like most people
You changed
You acted different
You looked different
You talk different
I don’t understand why you changed
Does fitting in in the world mean that much to you
That your willing to sell your life
For things that aren’t important?
In the end you won’t care about
Facebook, Insta-gram, or even Tumbler
For those things are just material things
And they will not be with you forever
Stop treating God like He doesn’t matter
For when you die He decides your fate
No one else and nothing else
All the things you cared about
Will be gone
The things on earth
Will be no more
And your followers
Will backstab you
And leave you
And when you are alone
Wishing you had someone who was true
God will call your name
And if you choose to follow Him
Then all your pain will disappear
And you will live in peace

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