What Follows Us

And we fail to see it...

Not a care in the world
Sure there’s  some stress here and there
And we may have to pay a bill or more
But we still live a care-free life
And live as if today is our last day
When we drink we get numb
Even though we only had one
But what we don’t realize is that someone
Gave us another and another
Our senses start to leave us
Our minds gets foggy
We can’t think straight but hey!
That doesn’t matter!
We’re suppose to live today!
Pretend today is our last night right?
So lets have a glass or two!
No harm will be done!
After we drink we go out and smoke
The black air follows us
Wherever we may go
We cough and we wheeze
But we don’t let go
For we get addicted to it
After that we go to an ally
Find a man selling something
But we don’t know what it is
And this point we don’t even care
We buy a pack try it
Hey, this is pretty damn good!
Keep on buying till your broke
Then suck it all in like
It does no harm
Hey, I’m still alive!
What do you gotta say about that?
I say look behind you
For you have a shadow...
He wears black clothes
And no face
No he is not Slender so please
Don’t be so afraid...
No he is just here to take you away
For it is your time
You caused this upon yourself
And here is how...
You drank so much you became numb
You smoked and smoked
Until your lungs were like dust
You had so many drugs
That you inside are about to come out
You lived your day like it was your last
You were foolish enough to act like the world
Instead of turning to God
So if today really was your last day
What would you do?
Good luck with your choice
And I hope to see you soon:)

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