Fear... Is Not To Be Feared?

They say that there is nothing to fear
Except fear itself...
But this I do not get
I’ve tried not to be fearful
I try to keep my chin up
And not worry about a thing
You know
Not be afraid...
But my fear never goes away....
I wake up in the middle of the night
And start to cry
Because I am so afraid
Of what creatures might come out from the dark
What might come out and get me
What might take my heart, mind, and soul...
Fear shouldn’t consume your life
Yet everywhere I go
There it is following me like a shadow
Of course...
At least a shadow goes away when they sun sets
But then the darkness takes its place
I run and try to hide
But I’m always found by my fears
They come up to me and talk to me
I try to shake them out but it doesn’t work out
So instead of shaking I cry
But most of the time the tears won’t come out
So I force them
But then they start to burn
I guess I’ll always live in fear
Fear... Is not to be feared?
Than why is it
That every time I try to stop it
I’m terrified of the out come?
I’m afraid to be fearful?
Maybe I’m just an idiot
Or I have some serious problems
But no matter what I will always be afraid
For that is only way I will survive....

Thanks to Tasha Hall because she gave me the idea to do this.
When I read her poems the idea to make this popped in my head

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