What Did You Say?

Did you say something to me
Before I kicked you out my home?
I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you
Over the sound of me packing your stuff up
And throwing it out the door
You told me one day
That everything you would do and did
Was going to benefit US
But I guess that was all a lie
What did you say when I asked you
If you were seeing someone else?
You said you didn’t know what I was talking about right?
But you did cuz every night you’d come home late
Saying you were out with some friends
Shame on me for not listening to my gut sooner
You didn’t care for me
Even though I did everything I could
I loved you
And here you go
Cheating on me
What did you say?
That you only meant well?
How is it by cheating on me
You meant well?
When I finally asked you for the truth
You didn’t know what to do
And you tried to make up an excuse
But right now nothing can save your ass
I don’t want to do this to you
I don’t want to leave you
But your making me do this
What did you say to me
Means nothing to me now
Even if you say that you’ll change
But right now I can’t believe you
What you say means nothing at all...

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