From A Sweet Dream... To A Horrible Nighmare

I walk within a forest
The mighty trees waving at me
And the birds speaking with me
It was good
I was one with the animals
And they were one with me
I laughed and played
With Pooh and Bambi
Oh what a day!
We went around singing happy tunes
Not worrying about a thing
For we were fine
And we were having so much fun
That everything that was bad
Meant nothing to us
We explored the woods
And met new animals
And making friends
That we didn’t even notice
Our time was coming to an end
When we finally sat down to have a bite to eat
And I turned around to get something to bite
I came back around to a terrible sight
My friends were gone
And the world had turned dark
I got up and ran back toward the woods
But when I got there I did not expect to see
What I saw…
The trees were burned
And the ones that were up had no leaves
The bird were not speaking
And the sun was not shining
Fear climbed up my throat
And tried to scream
But something caught my tongue
And I held it in
I was frozen with my fear
As it took over my entire body
When I finally moved I fell to the ground
And started to cry
But then something… or one
Came behind me
Turned me around
And smiled
I looked upon his face of horror
And my fear froze me up again
For what was in front of me was not man
But a monster…
He lifted me up
And suddenly we were no longer in my safe haven
But a place that could have been hell itself…
It was an empty space
And the only sign of land
Was what the thing was standing on
He held me high within the air
When I looked around there was nothing but darkness…
I tried to call out a name…
My friends…
My family…
Even my sisters…
But nothing came out
And the thing laughed at me as he threw me down
Into the pit of nothing
And all I did was fall
Until finally…
I wake up with the sun around me
And my sister, Angie, looking at me
A look of concern was upon her face
And she asked me if I was ok
I got up and hugged her
And told her I was fine
I was glad everything was just a nightmare…
That day I knew
That I could not let fear rule my life
And that I would have to conquer it
No matter what…

Ok, so the sisters I have in here aren't really sisters (I only mention Angie, in this but I did say I tried to call out my sisters names) I call them that because they are very close friends of mine that I look up to and I consider my sisters. I didn't want to add " because I thought it would ruin the poem if I did that. I just wanted to clear that up. Thanks for reading!

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