The Lonely Couple

Everyone at school picks on her for being shorter then the rest
The bully her and tease her
Saying that she doesn’t belong with them
That she should do everyone a favor and die
She listens to what they say
Never fighting back
Letting the words they say
Penetrate deep into her heart
She always looks down at the world
And doesn’t dare to look up
To see what she is missing
She black outs whenever she can
And tries to ignore the people who laugh and point
The people who hit her or throw things at her
She tries her hardest to ignore everyone
Even if it doesn’t work
She only thinks of her problems
And not what she could do if she just ignored them...
Everyday after school
He gets hit and spit on
He doesn’t say a word
For he is afraid to stand up
His murders stab at him
Laughing at his face
Telling him to cry
They already know he’s a wussy boy
So he shouldn’t even try
They beat him down to the floor
And kick him one last time
Before they vanish down the street
And he finally feels free
He slowly gets up
And lets a tear stream down his face
He grabs his headphones and iPod
Gets up and heads on home
Everyday it’s the same thing happens
He gets beat up
And then the leave
Everyday he heads home
Tumbling onto his hands and knees
He ignores the world
Not wanting to here what they say
For he doesn’t want to get hurt more then he already is...
The next day at school
They bump into each other
Both flinching at the thought that they will get hurt
But when they look up
And see each others face
They have a moment where all they see is the other person
Where all they care about is right here right now
But the moment they have doesn’t last long
For all their troubles and their worries come back into mind
They move to the side and pass each other
Pretending nothing happened
That they were just people who bumped into each other
And that they never had that special moment
They let their problems take over them
And were to blind to see
That right in front of them was the answer that they needed
Together they could have been
But together they were not
For they thought of themselves and what was
Instead of thinking of each other and what could have been
They were afraid to let anyone into their lives
For they were afraid that they would get hurt
But they let that cloud their vision
Instead of trying to make things better...
So next time you low
And you block out the world
Lock yourself away
And ignore everyone
For you may miss your chance to find that one person
Who knows what your going through
And can help you through it
Who can be the once person who won’t hurt you
But if you keep your head down
You may miss the best person that could have been in your life...

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