From Ocean to Land

The waves splash around
Hitting against the rocks
They swirl around and around
Taking me within them
As I go with the current I look to the sky
A light shines down at me
Calls me near
Even when I am hundreds of feet within
I try to climb out
Something grabs me and pulls me in
I bring my hand out hoping to reach the surface
Then I feel a slight tub pulling me up
I cry out to the light “Let me be with you.”
In response it pulls me more and says “Accept me and you will come.”
I pray to the light which takes me with it.
I look around to see me standing upon the waves
I search around me to find the light once again
I start to cry afraid of being lost again
I then stop for I trust it will come back
To take me with it where I shall stay
A sudden shine blinds me from a distance
As my eyes adjust to it I see a shape
A man looks at me and reaches out His hand
“Come to me my child. Come and follow me.”
I started to have doubt within my mind
I can not walk upon water let alone stand on it
Yet I was standing... That means walking would be just as simple.
I put on foot in front and stare straight in front of me.
I keep on going faster and faster until I’m running
The man in the distance comes closer and closer
He’s so close
I grab His hand Hand and He pulls me in
“You have done it my child. You made it through your trials and reached the end.”
He kissed my forehead and keeps me in His arms.

This was based off the song Oceans except in here your swallowed by the ocean and the light (God) calls you toward Him.

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