His Want

He keeps his head down
Not wanting to draw attention
He doesn’t want people to know
What he’s up to
He keeps his hoodie on tight
And walks down the path
Of which he has chosen
The path of no return ...
But he does not care
For he is tired of all the people
Telling him he is nothing
Telling him that he is worthless
He will prove them wrong
No matter what he has to do
He keeps on going
Looking for opportunity
But it is not knocking
He almost gives up
But then he finally finds his place
He finds how he can prove to the world
That he is the biggest person ever
He was going to jump off a plane
And deploy the parachute at the last second
Ya, I know it’s crazy
But hey he was desperate
So he planned everything
Made sure he had everything
And waited for the day to come
And when it did
He almost died....
Seconds before he jumped off
It finally hit him
On what he was doing
And the price he would have to pay
If things went wrong
Was what he was going to do
Really worth the acceptance of millions of people
Who didn’t even know him?
Was it really worth his life?
So, here is my question for you....
Are you willing to sacrifice your life
Just for the acceptance of people
Who don’t even care about the real you?
Are even the fake you?

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