Lost and Found

The darkness surrounds me
It won’t let me go no matter how hard I try
I keep on walking
Trying to find the light
I keep my hands out hoping to feel something
Hoping to find my way out
I look around but everything looks the same
I can’t see anything anywhere
Fear starts to crawl inside me
As the thought of me never being found
Swims through my mind
Doubt rules me
Then in the distance I see a faint light
It grows brighter and brighter
I start to walk toward it but trip over the dark
It tries to hold me down
I fight the monsters within me
I run toward the light and ignore all the pain in my body
Nothing will stop me
I’ve been waiting my entire life for this
For me to leave this hell hole I’m in
I keep on running faster and faster
The light grows even brighter then before
I reach out my hand toward it
And it does the same
I am finally saved from the monsters that ruled my life
I will never go back to the way I was
Alone, in pain, and agony shall never take me over again

You may feel like you can't get out of a slump.
Like your in the darkness and that you can't find the light.
But don't give up hope.
The sun always has to come up and the moon always has to go down :)

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