Locked Heart, Locked Mind


Keys around my neck
Two rare breeds
Halves of a master
Swinging back and forth
Under my command
There once were many more
As time went on they became scarce
Leaving two survivors
Last of their kind
Most special of all
They came to me
Their true master
Went inside
To lock my heart
And my mind
Wrapping themselves around my neck
They went me with where ever I went
Showing me those they thought
Were fair enough to hold a spare
I trusted them
Until they lost their senses
Now they hang from my neck
Forever under my command
Mouths shut and eyes open
Watching but never speaking
Locked heart and locked mind
So I may rest
And put myself to the test
In this wonderful game they call...

Sorry I haven't been on much. I've been going through a lot lately. I'll try and do better with writing my poems.

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