Not for you...

All these people love me
Yet you don’t
My own flesh and blood
Damn that’s sad!
I guess it’s ok though
I won’t let it take over my mind
Still hurts though
13 years...
How have you lived???
You must wanna kill me now!
Go ahead!
I’ve tried to kill myself but don’t got the guts
Here’s my wrist
I’m not going to change myself
Just so ONE person is happy
If you have problems
Then that’s YOUR problem
I’ve done everything I can to make you happy
Guess that wasn’t enough?
Want me to turn into a boy?
I mean everything about me is pretty much like a guys
Called genes people
You say I look just like my dad
So why don’t I just become a boy?
Maybe we would get a long better
And I could like girls all I want
Without being a complete disgrace to you
I’m sorry if I can’t be who you want me to be
I won’t try anymore
I’m going to be ME
Because I have people who love me for being me!
And at the end of the day
Because while you in your room
I would talk to them
And they would listen
Big Bang Theory had your attention
You want me to be 100% truthful?
Then here you go ma–
I’m tired of trying to be the perfect little angel you think I am
I’m letting my true colors flow
And I’m not changing.

I found this quote on the internet that relates to my poem... I would've put a link to that one pic here but it's being dumb :P This is not my work! This is someone else's!

I don't smoke
I don't drink
I don't party every weekend
I don't wear three inches of makeup
I don't put sultry pictures of my bra showing online
I don't make out with loads of guys, or other girls, to get attention
I'm a girl, and I'm me
And I'm not going to change for anyone."

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almost 6 years

Hi people! I know I've posted before in comments but I didn't have an account so I would post as Kamin (I'm slow sometimes sorry!). I wanted to say I hope you like this poem and that you know you don't have to change just for one person. I put this up because it's been hard having only my mom so what she says means A LOT. I do know I should focus on what others say and I do but sometimes it can be hard! <3 For those who are having the same trouble as me I give you my support and love!

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