Don't Give Up

There is always a time
When we feel like
We are in a rump
That we can’t get out
And that we are lost
We cry and hurt
Because we do not know what to do
We don’t know who to go to
But listen to me brethren when I say this
I am and once was like that
I always have my doubts
And I feel as if I’m alone
But I found my safe haven
And one day you will find yours
Keep on searching
And do not give up hope
For one day you will find
They place where you can go to
For help, guidance, and maybe even repentance
Do not hide in the darkness any longer
Come to the light
And find the path in which you belong
Let go of your pain and let go of your anger
I know how you feel
For I’ve gone down the same road as you
I’ve fallen and I wasn’t able to get up
But when I finally calmed down enough
When I finally decided to take small steps
I found peace
Or at least enough so I wouldn’t go mad:)
Please, do not give up on yourself
Come to the place where you can be yourself
Do not worrying about what others say
For at the end they will not be judging you
Your Father will
Do not give up on yourself
For I and your Father will not give up hope on you

I wanted to write this because I know a lot of people go through a lot of things.
I want you all to know I've gone through some dark days too. I've been lost, angry, and sad for about 3-4 years. When I finally decided to ask God for help I felt A LOT better. I know you may be like:" Ya, but every time I talk to God He never answers", and my response to you is He does. God may not speak to you directly but He does give you people and situations in which He uses to communicate with you.
All you have to do is listen and think-" Is God trying to speak to me?"
I know it may take some time for you to be a little more open to God, but I hope with the poems I'll be making about my life help know that I'm human too. I've gone through a lot of dark 'stages' in my life and I'm willing to help anyone who needs it. :)

If you want me to make a specific type of poem regarding a type of trail I will gladly make one. :)

Deuteronomy 31:6
"Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you."

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