Path Of Darkness (Part 1)

He follows blindly
Never asking questions
Just doing whatever he is told
He doesn’t think anything is wrong
Until the day where everything crumbles
Comes upon him like a lioness upon her prey
His mind becomes groggy
As he walks along the side lines
Following those who have sold their souls
To the darkness and have embraced it inside
He walks along the path
Where the trees are burned
The air is cold
And the road is rocky
His hair falls in his face
And his blood-shot eyes start to burn
His black clothes are ripped and dirty
Red stains cover them
His shoes are worn from this path of darkness
Even though he hurts all over he doesn’t stop
He keeps on trudging through the muddy road
Even when his body cries out in pain
Suddenly everything stops
And reality hits him
He finally lets his emotions catch up
And everything he feels
Anger, pain, frustration, and depression
Hits him like a train
He looks up from the road
And sees straight ahead
He sees a man with a bright smile
But this smile cold for his  teeth are sharp
The man laughs as if taunting the boy
The boy feels something take over him
He bends down in the stance of a wolf
As he starts to growl
His back arches
His teeth sharpen
His hands turn into claws
The monster within him comes out
And he embraces every last bit of it
He runs toward the man
Baring his teeth
Fear starts to crawl up the mans throat
For he knows what shall happen next
The boy jumps and hits the man with full power
He destroys the man leaving nothing behind
When he finishes he looks in the horizon
And sees...
An army standing still and waiting
He does not know if they are there to kill him
But he does not want to wait for them to make the first move
The boy smiles
He crouches down low
And gets ready for the battle of a life time

I was feeling a little dark this morning so I decided to write this. I will be continuing on this so this will be more like a short story rather then a poem but I personally all ways thought that poems, songs, and stories were all in the same family.

Now the fact that I kept calling the main character "boy" I didn't mean that in the way like he is only like 13 or 14. He is actually 18 or 19. I called him "boy" because I figured people would get confused if I called the man in black and the main character him also.

If you would like me to name the boy I will do so and I wouldn't mind hearing any names that you guys/girls have :) I will also name the man in black if you would like me to do so.

If you need any more clarification or have any questions on why I wrote this feel free to ask XD

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