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Love Story

She sits in the back
Afraid to say “hi”
For she doesn’t want to screw up
Or make a fool out of herself
Day after day
She thinks of what to do
Or how to act
One day she stands up
With her nerves shaking inside
Her head becomes foggy
Even as she tries to think straight
She writes a letter
Saying how much she likes the boy
And how she wishes they were more
Then just regular friends
She puts it in his locker
And  waits until the end of the day
Hour after hour
Minute after minute
At the end of it all
The boy comes up to her
And smiles saying “Hello”
As she blushes and say “Hello” back
Together they stayed
Even when they reach adulthood
Together they stayed
No matter what they went through
As they grew old
With children, grandchildren, and more
Together they stayed
Until death did they part

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