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To My Sister

Dear sister,
How much you have helped me
Through most of my ups and downs
You’ve made such a difference in my life
And in such short time
You may find it hard to believe
That you’ve helped me out so much
But please listen to me when I say this
Because of you…
I think before I do something
And I think of you
How you wouldn’t want me to do it or would
As you can see
Even when you’re not with me you influence my decisions
I’m sorry if it’s weird that I think about you
Especially since I think about you a lot
I just can’t help it
At school
The thought of talking to you
Being with you
Is the only thing that keeps me sane
The only thing that stops me from making the same mistake I did many months ago…
I love you so very much
And not just because you help me
The way you are
Makes me smile
How you don’t care what others say
Gives me another reason to “look up” to you, haha
Oh dear sister…
I am sorry I didn’t tell you this sooner
Also for the fact that this may be the stupidest thing ever
But I know I can be open with you
And I felt let you should know how I feel
Even if it’s just a little
The love I have for you
All the care…
Words can’t describe
At least none that I can think of
I just wish I could do more for you then just make a little poem
I wish that I could be there for you
Maybe it’s just a dream I have
I have hope though
Hope that you do too…
Dear sister I love you
More than anything
For everything
And I hope that I can be a good little sister for you
Because you are the greatest big sister I could ever ask for.

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