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My hands shake as I type.
My body freezes every night.
Will they find out who I am?
Beat me until I can’t stand?
People don’t believe you when you tell the truth.
So why not just tell a lie instead?
The worse that will be is that you make your death bed.
And if they cared, that wouldn’t be an option.
However, your life isn’t that awesome.
Deal with your shit like a real man would.
Stop telling the world “I’m misunderstood!”
Nerves on edge.
Yet you love every minute.
When you lose you head,
And it rolls down to your feet,
A smile forms across your face.
Damn you are a massive disgrace!
You say that you’re nervous,
But it’s a miss fire!
You’re stressed out,
And I know what you want to do.
Go ahead!
See what your sisters will think of you!
Fucking nervous asshole.
Man the hell up!
Grow a damn pair.
You’re not nervous,
Just an idiot.
In need of some attention.
You’re just like everyone else.
Lost and a misfit.

The poem was inspired by the song. I know the poem may not make the best of sense but you really have to try to think deeper than the surface.

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