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Useless Emotions

It all feels the same... to me anyway

It all feels the same
Same emotions everyday
I don’t know how much more I can take
Anger, jealousy, pain, hatred, sorrow.
All useless emotions in my mind
My heart was given to my sisters
But the little piece I have is still hurting so much
They all say I’m so cute
So adorable
But if only they knew what I felt
The darkness within me....
Would their minds change?
Maybe if I tell them
Even if it’s just one
I’ll feel better?
I’m so confused on what to do
Useless emotions inside
Battling everyday
Every night
Stay up late to clear my mind
But my heart still is so black
I try to fix it
But I can’t do this on my own
I sometimes wish I was Cinder
A cyborg that can’t cry
Barely feels emotions
It’s not like I can cry
And I don’t want to feel the emotions I do
Every time
I know they’re the same
They have the same affect
All the time
I feel down
Wanna cry
Wanna die
Wanna cut
Useless emotions....
For a useless person
Bring everyone else so much joy
And I make them laugh and smile
But all the while
I’m trying to hold on for them
I don’t want to feel the way I do
Because of them <3
I want my useless emotions
To work with me
Instead of against me
Maybe it’s just another fairytale dream?
So for now my emotions
Are useless to me

Ok so I know you're going to ask why Cinder is. Cinder is a fictional character (based off of Cinderella) from a book called... well... Cinder XD it is part of the Lunar Chronicles. If you'd like you can look it up. To me it is a very good series, but it may not be your cup of tea. Never hurts to try though!! :) have a good day

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