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Manipulative Angel

How sweet your song is
How tempting you are
I’ve fallen into your beautiful trap of colors
And it’s hard for me to get out
Each time I try
You just pull me back in
“Keep me by your side
And kiss me just like this”
You whisper in my ear
"Tell me how you feel…"
I melt within your arms
From dusk until dawn
Manipulative Angel…
Spin your web
Make me fall in love
All over again
Please don’t let me go
Hold me close to your heart
Let me tell you everything
Let me give you me
Oh sweet little Angel…
You bring such a sting
Saying somethings
I don’t think you really mean
If you do show me please
Touch me
Caress me
Show me new things
Manipulative Angel
How could it be?
You told me you loved me
But you lied to me!
Your trap was oh so sweet
Just like honey
But now it is like acid
Burning my flesh off of me
How could I be so stupid
Learning to love your lies
Accepting you as a new found lover
When that really was just a nasty cover
My heart is now cracked
My mind has snapped back
No longer will I bend to you
You belong to me!
Don’t try to take back the pain
For I’ve had enough of your crap!
Black and white is all I see
I’m deaf to your deadly symphony
Manipulative Angel now I say good-bye
I really did have a nice time
When you controlled my heart and mind
Making me think you were all mine
But now I know the truth behind you
Maybe we’ll see each other once again
Just don’t except me to lose my head

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