What You Tell Me And What I Do

You tell me to be kind
And to use nice words
You tell me to control myself
And keep my hands by my sides
You say to me “Control your anger!
Treat others as you want to be treated!
Be a good example!”
Thanks but... I’ll pass
How clueless can you people get?
The only way I am kind is if I’m quite
But if I’m quite people think something is wrong
You tell me to use nice words
And God knows I try to
But sometimes I can’t help it
I let my tongue do what it wants
For I can’t hold it in any longer
And ya I SHOULD control myself...
And I do try to
But there is only so much abuse a child can handle
I mean think about it
You call me names
You make fun of my looks
And then you wonder why I don’t listen?
It’s because no matter how hard I try
I still get hurt!
And it’s hard for me to turn the other cheek
Because both of them are so badly bruised
That anything hurts me!
How can I control my anger?
I mean it really isn’t easy for me!
The last time I controlled it
I punched my locker and started to cry in sheer frustration!
How can I control something that is always in my life?
I am always surrounded by anger
So it’s kind of hard to control it
When your always by it is it not?
Now treat other as you want to be treated...
In my life that doesn’t really work
I mean it can but not most of the time
Just think about it...
Someone is cursing you out
And you treat them super nice
Then they get angrier and angrier until they hit you
Now you may meet some people who are
Understanding and will thank you
For you have opened their minds
But meeting people who are kind
Or meeting people are mean
Is a game of chance
For you never know who you will meet...
Now being a good example..
Well that can be a little easier
But it can be hard being a good example
Because a lot of people say you have to be a good example 24/7
That you have to show the young children
How to be nice, kind, and have exceptional manners
You have to be on your best behavior
And if your not then you get the speech
“I’m so ashamed of you. How could you be such a bad example?”
What you say is so very different from what I do
For I try to do things your way but it’s not that easy
Because in this day and age you can’t always do
The things that people use to do before
The world has changed a lot since before
People have changed to
So it’s not as easy as it was before
To do the things you tell me

I wanna thank ~Randomness rocks, and Poetry Rules~ because I got this idea from her.

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