Where Are You?

I lay awake at night
Wondering where you have gone
And if you meant it when you told me
“I will be right back.
I promise.”
Now I sit here
Looking out the window
Hoping to see you drive up
But the more I wait
The more I regret
And the more my heart fills with tears
She came back.
I was so happy.
I ran out the house and hugged her...
Or so I was going to.
Next to her was some man,
And her finger was hugged by a ring.
My heart shattered
My face smiled.
I welcomed her and her fiancé into my home.
Spoke to them about how happy they were,
And they invited me to the wedding.
June 4th....
Did she forget that is my birthday?
Or did she just not care anymore?
No, Kay, she loves you.
She just forgot.
Years past
I never heard from her again
Maybe I shoud’ve told her how I felt.
Held her close to me
Even closer to my heart
Now I wait for her to message me
“Hey. Miss me?”
Every second
All the time, my love.

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