Why So Angry?

“Why are you so angry?
Did I do something wrong?
I’m sorry if I did
Please don’t be upset
What’s wrong with you?
Your scaring me
I don’t want to see you like this
So snap out of it!
Oh for goodness sake
What the hell is wrong?”
Everyone surrounds her
Pestering her with questions
Again and again they come
Never ending no matter what
So many people surround her
Pressuring her to tell her secrets
But they don’t understand at all
All the things she goes through
The pain she goes through
The way people treat her
Look at her body
And look at the marks upon her
She’s not treated right
No matter where she goes
Everyone hurts her
No matter what
This is why she snaps
Because this is what she is surrounded by
She doesn’t want to be angry
For feeling the heat within you
Makes you feel crazy
Anger poisons your mind
Takes over your body
Makes you do things that you don’t want to
And makes you think horrible thoughts
She is a lost person
Who is surrounded by hate, anger, and confusion
If you hear her pleads
Please help her
For she might end her life
So she can end everything
All the pain
All the suffering
All the crying
Help her before she hurts herself

I made this because I have felt so angry that I all most lost control. I have also been so angry, either at myself or others, that I did want to end it right there and then. This also speaks truth in the way that teenagers, kids, and even adults feel like no matter what they do their life is still a hell hole. I hope this kind of opens your eyes and I will also be putting up more things like this and most likely call them "Truth-Tears" or something like that.

Over all I hope that you enjoyed this! Peace! :)

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