When MI think bout di Civil Rights Activist Malcom X and Martin come to mind,
But a Marcus Garvey fuss come to mi mind.
Yes Marcus Garvey a fi wi Hero dat,
Yes Nanny and Sam Sharp too,
George William Gordon, and Paul Bogle?
yes goodie a fi wi Hero dem deh,
From Stony Gut to Morant Bay mi a talk
Yes papa fi di heroes dem come make wi walk!
Norman Manley Him choose di Politics,
and Bowy you can believe say him cuzin
Alexander Bustamente was apart of it?
Then Busta left and go form him thing,
And a so wi come bout di two party system,
Inna dem time deh the thunder did a roll,
but di bell still a ring.
From Stony Gut to Morant Bay wi a talk
Yes mama fi di heroes dem come make wi walk.
The Heroes dem a call wi fi stan
Rise up every black man and woman!
Why you hold dung you head?
and why you belly ban?
From Negril point to Portland,
Make wi start di change inna dis yah island,
From Stony Gut to Morant Bay mi a talk.
Fi di Heroes them make wi walk.
(C) copyright 2016
Kimiko Watson

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