I want to


I want to make love to you, but I don’t want to.
I want to hold your hand in public without being judged
I want to caress your body as I tell you how beautiful you are.
I want you to want me I just need to be loved.
I see myself waking up to your gentle smile,
Pulling you in begging you to stay for a while.
I see myself  in public wanting to kiss you on those lips,
I want to be able to say I kissed you and I loved it.
I want you to open up to me, try not to hide your feelings.
I see the way you undress me with your eyes.
I feel the force of your gentle hands going up my thighs.
I know you want to put those lips on me, as we embrace our sexuality.
I want to be your submissive, like fifty shades of grey.
I want you to make love to me in the worst way.
I want to believe in you and me even though it’s not meant to be,
I don’t want then and now I want  a life time or eternity.
I want to make love to you, but I don’t want to.
(c) December 26,2016
Kimiko Watson

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