Kibba Yuh Mouth Gyal

For Ms. Lou

When dish towel feel say dem a table claat dem flip up dem self,
But likkle gyal yuh betta kibba yuh mouth,
Cuz mi nuh fraid fi tell yuh fi kirout!
Miss Matti mi jus a tun inna me grave.
Mi gyal mi a beg yuh tell mi fi behave,
But dis yah boogoyagah generation nuh nutthing bout culture,
Dem no know di essence a fi wi land a wood and wata,
Dem neven know di importance a di Bandana!
Mi blood deh boil and mi deh try hold me tung,
But dis likkle board head gyal a beg fi mi bring her dung,
Come style me frock as table claatt and a disrespect wi culture,
Den she have di audacity a type R.I.P. gyal kirout mi no need you sympathy!
Make a calm mi nerves, mi understand yuh ignorance,
Is di bakka bush weh yuh come from.
One ting a haffi say before a go just memba say yuh is a Jamaican.
Kimiko Watson
July 17, 2017
2017© All rights reserved.

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