Sitting on the park bench,
no one notices anything.
I noticed you
walking towards me
nothing seemed wrong,
till you were in front
of me.
You pulled out a gun
held it to my arm
waved me with you.
Panic, shock and adrenaline
shot through my body.
I followed you in fear
of my life.
Tears rolled down my face
in silence and were forgotten.
Struggling when we got to your car,
eventually getting in.
blinded by cloth,
he drove
for what seemed like hours.
Creaking of the brakes
and the sound of unoiled doors
tell me we have stopped.
He pulls me out the door
pushes me into a room.
He yanks the blind fold off
and slams the door.
It felt like days, but really only hours.
A women opens the door,
the creaking pierces the ear.
She gave me a tray,
with what looks like mush.
I notice her rough skin
and shaken hands
I try to sleep
but nothing is comfortable
on cold, damp, hard
It feels like morning
when I awake to the
door opening.
His face looks determined
he grabs me off the ground
and half pushes half leads,
me outside.
The light burns my eyes,
distracts me and I fall
to the ground.
He yelled out in anger,
screamed ‘forget it’
and hit me over the head
with what felt like a shovel.
It got cold and wet.
A feeling of overwhelming
fear came over me.
Opening my eyes,
flecks of dirt stung them,
I knew what this was,
I was buried alive.
Thinking I was dead,
I was buried
and this was how I would die.

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Patricia May Neiderer
over 6 years

love the title---
when to my surprise
i was able to raise my hand
and as i pushed
the earth gave way and
i finished my mud bath
and managed to stand to my feet
shaking the crumbs of leftover off
i hear a noise in the distance
the voices, what are to saying?

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Patricia May Neiderer

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