The Waiting Wall

To Marcy Howard

The bricks are placed to close others out,
As each day the wall grows higher,
And soon the person hidden there,
Has only more bricks that it requires,
With each event that adds a brick,
What is real slowly gets lost,
While in the course of building the wall,
Self and soul become the cost.
Soon the wall grows so high,
That each brick prevents your sight,
From seeing all the things around,
That become hidden from the light,
Life it seems soon passes by,
For there’s no room left to breathe,
And as the walls close slowly in,
Its ourselves that we deceive.
We wait behind our growing walls,
And while it slowly grows,
The people that are trapped within,
Exert an effort that never shows,
As the wall closes in,
Less and less gets through,
And every brick in this wall,
Is the thoughts I think of you.
Each day ad I await your voice,
The silence adds a brick,
While the heart that you freed,
Waits behind this wall so thick,
Knowing that the door now locked,
Only has one key,
Knowing that its only you,
That can fill this growing need.
As we wait behind our walls,
And pretend they don’t exist,
The very thing that we found,
Is the thing we both resist,
While I gaze at this wall,
And acknowledge it was built by two,
I have to accept the sobering thought,
My only freedom lies with you.
     Let the light back in!!!



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