A Living Monster

To Marcy Howard

The colors of the rainbow;now are muted low,
As a monster roams about;that only you’ve made grow,
Every colors muted red;this creature knows endless pain,
While his blood boils hot;as he searches to regain.
Instinct once an ally;yet now not even a friend,
As instinct says your the one;as darkness sometimes descends,
Beauty is a vision of you;need grows every day,
While love now realized;is in what we can’t say.
Though separation engulfs us;we’re together still,
As this heart holds on to love;and this one always will,
Though a monster lives inside;and exists in fear and doubt,
His purpose now is singular;you are what I’m about.
I have the woman I need;though now a dream I hold,
Inside I am always warm; but is the monster cold,
Love does not fade away; it keeps the monster going,
As our words hide the facts;yet in our eyes love is showing.
If in the future I seem alone;this monster lives in me,
As he’s chained by the past; you’re his only key,
I believe in who you are;I feel what you feel,
And in the darkness I am alive;while at night the nightmare’s real.
Every day I awake to you;if I sleep you I dream of you,
While the monster holds on tight;its all that he can do,
He sees his purpose in this life;you are my needs and dreams,
You’re the love in these eyes; the monster and my dream.
        Only You



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