Thermal Thought


On a dark and dismal day,
While rain is pouring down,
The temperature outside chilly,
And thoughts come swirling around,
The outside weather may be cold,
Yet it’s a cold that we reject,
Thoughts of prior sunny days,
And the dreams that we protect.
We try to insulate ourselves,
From the outside’s cold,
And somehow we are warmed within,
By the thoughts we daily hold,
Events can leave us cold inside,
Immersed in darkness with no light,
But somehow love radiates,
A warmth through day and night.
We tip toe around our issues,
Which live behind the mask,
And stoking the inner fire,
Might seem the impossible task,
Yet somehow an ember’s burning,
It was lit some years ago,
And every day that love is held,
It just makes that fire grow.
Sometimes we feel chilled to the bone,
But by a miracle we’re still warm,
And all those old emotions,
Within our memories swarm,
Never are we cold for long,
We’re warmed by thermal thoughts,
A warmth we purchased long ago,
That we never knew we bought.
Once we have love in the heart,
It can warm us to our death,
Living and surviving inside us,
Alive with every breath,
All we really need to do,
Is close our eyes in thought,
Those memories then will warm us,
The heat a heart is taught.
The temperature that surrounds us,
Might leave a chill in the air,
But it need not really affect us,
If the voice of love we hear,
Regardless of life’s pitfalls,
No matter what life brings,
If we call love’s thermal thoughts,
A warming love then sings.

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