A Talking Heart

To Marcy Howard

If ever you need to talk to me,
Or need a shoulder on which to lean,
You can use the media,
Though now hidden, at times I’m seen,
A piece of me I can not find,
It now lives inside your eyes,
And our lives would be much easier,
If we could take off our disguise.
We search for something that we need,
Yet fear becomes our guide,
And when we found who we need,
Our needs are then denied,
It’s said the heart will lead the way,
For us that much is true,
And as we hide behind our scars,
Every road leads to you.
The music that I need to hear,
Is your soft, sultry voice,
And without that music in our lives,
Silence becomes our choice,
We can pretend that we’re both fine,
Yet we both know that we’re not,
While what we found won’t go away,
To become something we forgot.
My ears strain to hear your voice,
As my eyes look to see your face,
And if you need my help at all,
I’ll come from anyplace,
As we endure this constant pain,
From our being apart,
Rest assured I’m always yours,
You own this broken heart.
.     Only you!



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