Through the years and through the miles,
Through the silence and through the pain,
Through the darkness and through the tears,
It’s only you that still remains,
Through the constant confusion,
Through the swirling thoughts,
Through all the things remembered,
Through the love we never forgot.
Through events that scar us,
Through the memories that still burn,
Through all the doubt and guilt,
Loving you is all I’ve earned,
Through the constant wondering,
Through the thoughts we can not feel.
Through the knowledge that what we found,
Each day becomes more real.
Through the things to ease the pain,
Through the loss of direction,
Through the days without light,
You are this heart’s correction,
Though the moments with no time or space,
Through feeling broken and all alone,
Through the days of hopelessness,
Love for you has only grown.
Through the nights when sleep won’t come,
Through the days when close to tears,
Through the screams in the night,
Love for you is all this heart hears,
Through the ghosts of the past,
Through the mysteries of tomorrow,
It’s only you that brings me joy,
You’re the only answer to this sorrow.
Through all the why’s and what if’s,
Through the walks along mountain trails,
Through the knowledge that with you,
This soul is allowed to sail,
Through the days we’d like to forget,
Through the days we’re glad we remember,
Though the knowledge I love you more,
Each and every September.
Through every night and every day,
Through each frown and through each smile,
Through this pain of loneliness,
You’re with me through each mile,
Through the endless searching,
Through all the things we found,
It’s clearly you I can’t resist,
Love for you is this life’s sound.

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