Alone Together

To Marcy Howard

It seems our eyes can not see;the bridges as they burn,
While a heart no longer feels;all these things its earned,
Pain looms as a darkened cloud;the memory real or fake,
Are we what we appear to be;is this love the vampires stake.
Joined together by the pasts events;and an emotion that we found,
Yet in our lives all alone;loneliness now our sound,
Though the music still plays on;the notes seem now ignored,
Words now lost on deaf ears;while ourselves are now deplored.
Words once spoken with loves intent;now daggers to the heart,
With the skeletons in the way;will tomorrow ever start,
We hold the answers to this pain;the future in trembling hands,
While we allow those we know;to cloud our eyes with sand.
Though at times the faith might slow;love provides the cure,
As in our dreams we hold the keys;to open this closed door,
Together both in heart and mind;your memory heats this chill,
Yet open eyes find us alone;alone, but together still.
            Love lives!!!



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