An Island Inside

To Marcy Howard

Lost somewhere in time and space, no longer with a home,
Holding on above all else, seemingly all alone,
Dreams and goals locked inside, and no one seems to hear,
No one even listening, concerned with their own fears.
Storms will rage throughout our lives, but this love will always stand,
With the will to sacrifice all, because its what this faith demands,
Though at times battered and weak, this emotion gives me strength,
Happy with the things we found, realizing there’s no length.
Though the heart inside may ache, still it beats for you,
And every moment through the day, you’re what gets me through,
I hold you in my arms at night, the rescue of my dreams,
As nightly you invade my thoughts, in an ever flowing stream.
Hearts that found each other, though apart are never alone,
Love that’s held inside these hearts, is the light in darkness shown,
For me another will not do, its a singular conception,
Forever the heart clings to hope, since this loves inception.
There’s a picture that I see, it lives in heart and mind,
As the heart provides the desire, for this dream we chose to find,
Though like an island I stand alone, this islands surrounded  by sea,
I know the currents will bring you, right here next to me.
.              You.



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