Dancing Leaves


A forest is shrouded in shadows,
As a morning breeze stirs the air,
With a symphony of bird calls,
The only sound we hear,
Bright green leaves seem to dance,
With a tempo of their own,
While we only hear a whisper,
From a breeze that’s never shown.
A trail winds among the trees,
It’s path with twists and turns,
As here and there are rays of light,
Those dreams that always burn,
We walk among the shadows,
Enjoying the rays of light,
The dreams that seem to invade,
our wandering through the night.
Waves of movement confront our eyes,
The leaves hide a bright blue sky,
While every step that we take,
Screams emotion’s not a lie,
The coolness of the forest’s shadows,
Becomes the dreams that still survive,
And though we walk through the shadows,
Our emotions are still alive.
As the wind travels through the forest,
It sounds like a whisper low and soft,
The manifestation of living dreams,
That our hearts make soar aloft,
The forest’s leaves seem to beckon,
With the breeze they somehow talk,
And with the wind and shadows,
A heart is accompanied as it walks.
This trail through the forest,
Becomes a replay of the past,
The breeze the words that were spoken,
On a walk that each day lasts,
Through this shadowed forest,
With these long held dreams,
The piercing rays of sunlight,
Become the minds silent screams.
As the wind whispers through the trees,
And the shadows seem to dance,
The heart holds onto emotion
To the dream of a second chance,
On a simple walk through the forest,
Among the dancing leaves,
A heart holds on to love,
And in that love, each day it believes.

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