Are there times when you feel you’re drowning,
When the water you’re in seems to deep,
When the only moments of refuge,
Are the times when you’re asleep,
It’s hard to walk with chin held high,
When you’re overcome with pain,
At times do you look to the sky,
Hoping the daylight’s replaced with rain.
At times the load feels heavy,
When life feels to much to bear,
But love can become a whisper,
That becomes the tomorrow you hear,
If for some reason you don’t feel love,
Just keep an open mind,
Because if someone like me could find it,
It’s something that anyone can find.
None of us should be alone,
At times we all need assistance,
It’s hard to ask for any help,
If you’re always met with resistance,
Help need not be fused with love,
Any help can just be caring,
Love is help for the heart,
With the entire being sharing,
It’s hard to even voice the words,
If you’re used to doing it yourself,
At times assistance is all you need,
With no thought of it being wealth,
If you feel love but are alone,
It doesn’t mean that love’s not real,
It just means that real acceptance,
Is what you seek to feel.
I know the things that I feel,
Helped put me in this place,
Because love holds me in it’s grasp,
And I’m glad for it’s embrace,
I need help of that I’m sure,
But there’s only one I want to hold,
Only one can help me stay warm,
Love keeps us from being cold.
Help can be so many things,
For me it’s you I need,
Without you in my life,
The heart is left to bleed,
My only wish is to hold you close,
To have you whisper in my ear,
That’s the only help I need,
The only sound I now can hear.

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