An Ocean of Tears


Tears stand watch like guardians,
Leaving a trail wherever they touch,
A salty drop of conscience,
For to little or to much,
It’s said they wash our fears away,
Yet I wonder if that’s true,
When every effort to forget,
Just brings more thoughts of you.
What’s the destination of the tears we cry,
Do they just vanish or disappear,
Are they the echo of an emotion,
That only the heart can hear,
Silence follows a tear touching skin,
It travels in silent repose,
There’s a splash if it falls to the ground,
An emotion that finally shows.
A testament to joy or sorrow,
Or just a cleansing of the eye,
The product of emotions real,
Yet they still can be a lie,
Do they fall when none can see,
In the darkness of the night,
And when we emerge from darkness,
The eyes water from the light.
At times it feels there’s no tears left,
That the well somehow went dry,
Yet they seem an exclamation point,
To the fact that we’re alive,
No one can see the future,
But of one thing you can be sure,
Emotion can fill the well back up,
The right circumstance we’ll cry some more.
A tear might fall for someone lost,
It could fall for something gained,
Either way they still will fall,
Maybe, for a dream somehow attained,
At times a tear can be used,
To garner sympathy or pity,
The tear drop then becomes a prop,
Welcome to love’s big city.
Seldom do we remember our tears,
Though we remember those other’s have cried,
But do we sit an analyze,
Until the tear becomes a lie,
The fact that tears do not fall,
Doesn’t mean there’s no emotion,
You can’t notice the sea of tears,
That through the nights, have become an ocean.

February 11th, 2017

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