In the Heart


I have places in the heart,
That other’s can not see,
Only seen with dreaming eyes,
A hidden part of me,
There are things that people say,
Words as tiny crumbs,
Nothing close to who is real,
Yet they seem to leave me numb.
I harbor not an ounce of trust,
Been hurt so many times,
As all the things I’m told I need,
Just become wind chimes,
Here and there pain overwhelms,
But it’s not allowed to win,
The mind just takes me to that place,
Where the thought of love begins.
If someone looks and thinks they know,
Just proves that they do not,
I’m confronted every day,
With more than they forgot,
If someone can not take the time,
To know who they think they see,
There’s no way they’ll ever know,
Who lives inside of me.
Many times it seems I’m lost,
And at times that thought’s correct,
But all the things I struggle with,
Aren’t the image that I project,
There are forests in this heart,
While there are beaches in there too,
There are dreams that still survive,
Though what you see may not be true.
So many things reside inside,
Dreams though shadowed that still live,
They breathe with every heartbeat,
While other’s they can’t forgive,
The heart feels as if it’s over full,
The emotion at times over flows,
Filling every waking moment,
With emotion it can’t out grow.
In the heart love survives,
Though the mind tells a different tale,
The mind at times says give up,
But the heart knows love won’t fail,
In the heart are hopes and dreams,
Held out with a bright red rose,
And as the rose petals fall to the ground,
each day in the heart love grows.

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