Applied By A Heart


As the world goes spinning by,
Do we go along for the ride,
Letting emotions carry us,
To a place where hearts decide,
You believe yourself an outcast,
Because of the depth with which you feel,
Looking out at a cloudy sky,
Wondering what is real.
It’s as if you’re on a  journey,
Yet to no real destination,
And the things you hold as Hope’s and dreams,
Are only met with hesitation,
The past becomes a better place,
More real than where you are,
Holding something that you found,
Amazed you carried it this far.
A dream becomes your reality,
Though it holds it’s share of pain.
Alone is not some lofty goal,
Which you hope never to attain,
Every method is attempted,
Does it all just move to fast,
Especially when yesterday,
Somehow escapes from the past.
Thoughts take on another dimension,
The act of thinking makes it real,
Yet no one seems to understand,
What and to what depth you feel,
It’s not about hard or easy,
It’s what the heart brings with conditions,
But all the baggage that we bring,
Might alter our dreams position.
If you watch the world go by,
Is hope of any use,
And does hanging on to yesterday,
Become a form of self abuse,
Does it matter how fast the world spins,
If you have the things you need,
We all find out soon enough,
That tears are how a heart bleeds.
It seems at times we overlook,
What we have for what we want,
As all the thoughts that spin around,
Become a swirling darkness that haunts,
Whatever goes on around us,
We still have all we hold inside,
And love becomes a product of,
A dream when Hope’s applied.

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