To Marcy Howard

Blood pours from hidden wounds,
Yet the heart, still beats strong,
And in the darkness of the night,
Tears replace our song,
The wounds we suffer from the past,
Allow the darkness in,
As our skeletons dance about,
And it seems the scars might win.
The flowing blood turns the darkness red,
Yet leaves no visible signs,
As a heart that’s wounded, still surely beats,
In darkness deepened by the mind,
A light was found in the pitch black night,
Yet darkness still persists,
And though this light was turned on,
Is its light what we resist.
While the blood becomes darker at night,
Your light is all I see,
Imprisoned in this endless dream,
It’s you that is the key,
Though the sun rises each day,
Can the day, contain no light,
Because if my day does not hold you,
Each day’s a bloody night.
.    Only you.



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