As Clouds Float By


Clouds float by on a lazy path,
The path to a shining sun,
Silent winds whisper through the air,
In a race that’s never won,
The landscape becomes a patchwork quilt,
Of shadows and bright sunlight,
And though our eyes see so much,
What’s hidden on the night.
Clouds become like floating dreams,
As they move across the sky,
And while they float so lazily,
Do those dreams float right on by,
The clouds stark contrast way above,
Makes the sky a field of dreams,
With some that float to the horizon,
In long and fluffy streams.
At times those clouds are close to us,
As the day begins unclear,
Surrounding us in a foggy mass,
And the rain becomes our tears,
Can we liken the sun to love,
Because it gives us passion’s light,
Living in our hopes and dreams,
Still alive in the dark of night.
The clouds seem to amass together,
Broken dreams that become a swarm,
And the desires that assault us,
Come uninvited like a storm,
We cab see and feel the heat,
From that so very far away sun,
With the only constant being love,
From the day it was begun.
At times we wish that all the clouds,
Could somehow disappear,
Taking with them our broken dreams,
And all our inner fears,
Yet somewhere in those lofty clouds,
Underneath that sky of blue,
Are all the things we hold inside,
And this love I have for you.
The sky can be that shade of blue,
And against it the clouds stand out,
And with the things still living inside,
Love is what it’s all about,
Storm clouds come and then they go,
But the sun and moon survive,
And in the light and darkness,
This love for you is alive.

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