To Marcy Howard

Do we go through the motions,
Each and every day,
Is happiness held in our hands,
Or has it gone away,
Are we some sort of actors,
As we hide our pain from peoples eyes,
Are we just the walking dead,
Bodies, our heart’s disguise.
Do we feel as if we’re not alive,
Do we use our hearts or our heads,
As the corpse walks around,
The heart beating, yet still its dead,
Is every day an obstacle,
If the heart is torn in two,
Or is every day filled with happiness,
Like mine is, with you.
Does it feel as if the steps we take,
Just lead us to the past,
Inside a slowly beating heart,
That becomes a shadow cast,
Does change fill our minds with fear,
And fill the soul with dread,
Because without its other half,
Inside the body, something’s dead.
Our bodies are an entity,
That need love to survive,
And the love I found with you,
Keeps this heart alive,
Love at times can be the disease,
Yet other times its the cure,
And if we keep the love alive,
Our resurrection is sure.
     Only you.



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