Warm Dreams

To Marcy Howard

The nights seem so much colder,
With only memories to hold,
And the heat from this candle’s flame,
Does nothing for this cold,
Any warmth lives within,
Inside the thoughts and dreams,
It lives inside familiar things,
Like mountain trails and streams.
Memories may last a lifetime,
Yet there’s also the here and now,
With so much practice enduring pain,
Does what was found, get lost somehow,
Nothing that we may possess,
Is more important than the heart,
Now it seems mine’s lost somewhere,
Alone and in the dark.
My light, these memories and thoughts,
Of when smiles lit up faces,
Walking hand in hand with you,
And discussing dreamed of places,
As the night now closes in,
I’ll be happy for awhile,
Dreams will put me in your arms,
With a warm contented smile.



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