As I Hold You

To Marcy Howard

I do not know why you left, but I believe I understand,
And even though your body’s there, we still walk hand in hand,
Though you think I judged you, with that assumption you are wrong,
You’re the reason that I breath, you gave me our special song.
My thought of you will not change, and I don’t care what others think,
Because even you have to admit, there’s a never ending link,
Just as always I believe in love, and with someone else I’d be accepting less,
And whether this waiting will be in vain, I won’t even take a guess.
I feel the pain that you feel, and though alone I’m with you,
I care about the person, and I love you because of the thing you do,
All the things both good and bad, the things seen in your eyes,
Inside the thing that we found, prove there’s no need for disguise.
We all make sacrifices in our lives, but these hearts will not change,
Though the mind can cloud the issues, one fact doesn’t rearrange,
The fears we feel from the past, are chains that keep us there,
We are the keys to break the chains, and to end these endless fears.
If you still believe in us, or believe anything I might say,
The words, I love you were the truth, yesterday and today,
All I need is one simple thing, and that very thing is you,
Time can not change how we feel, but we can change the pain that we go through.
        I see.We found.



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