As It Does


Does it feel that your life,
Is inundated with pain,
Full of thoughts felt alien,
And doubts on being sane,
Is your sleep filled with nightmares,
That carry through to your days,
And when you sit and ponder life,
Is happiness lost in a haze.
Do questions seem to outnumber,
The answers which you seek,
And is silence all you seem to hear,
With every word you speak,
Do unspoken thoughts sustain you,
Through the darkness and all you fear,
As the heart whispers to the mind,
But it’s voice is still unclear.
As you consider all you feel is wrong,
Embrace what you know is right,
Hold the things you find important,
Let love become your light,
Every life has it’s share of hurt,
Like a rose that has it’s thorns,
While happiness comes with a smile,
As on your sleeve your heart is worn.
Do you believe in what you feel,
Against overwhelming odds,
With the heart constantly reminding,
That the soul onward plods,
If love wraps it’s arms around you,
The problems just seem to pale,
And as long as you hold it important,
Belief in love will never fail.
Do you believe that tears are useless,
That they just water what we fear,
And if the voice of reason speaks to you,
Do you pretend you can not hear,
Surrender all you think you have,
To the love that lives within,
That’s the place where happiness live,
And it’s the place where love begins.
Darkness visits every life,
But it’s not a place we need to dwell,
Hold the love that you feel inside,
To transport you from pain’s hell,
Believe regardless of what others say,
Believe in what your heart knows,
And as your heart keeps love alive,
Your happiness can only grow.

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