Beating Heart

To Marcy

Sometimes there exists in life,
Times of trials and tribulations,
Adding to the questions held,
And all our inner frustrations,
Our minds hold tornadoes of thought,
While our hearts hold desires direction,
Often times we look to hard,
And the answers escape our detection.
At times we look in the mirror,
Unsure of the person we see,
The image trapped in a prison,
Though appearing to be free,
When at night we fall asleep,
And we travel to the land of dreams,
We’re faced with a different reflection,
A skeleton with constant screams.
Our scars take on a skeletal form,
As our dreams become something real,
The manifestation of all the things,
That while awake we can not feel,
In the daylight while wide awake,
Behind our scars we hide,
And the smile seen in our mirror,
Becomes the happiness we’re denied.
Is fulfillment of our dreams,
Hidden as our skeletons dance,
Making our dreams seem impossible,
Making it hard to take a chance,
The mind provides us with our thoughts,
But what we feel lives in our hearts,
Our dreams the product of the two,
Their roles in equal parts.
Though in our dreams the skeletons dance,
While awake these skeletons live,
And the only difference between the two,
Is those moments we can’t forgive,
If we feel a hand on our shoulder,
Yet when we look there’s no one there,
The skeleton’s grasp is invisible,
Because we’re grasped by our own fears.
If heart and mind work together,
Like ice those fears can melt,
And the scars our skeletons dance for,
Become fears no longer felt,
The smile in the mirror becomes real,
And our fears become something less,
If only we can trust the sound,
Of the heart beating in our chest.

June 15th, 2017

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