Moments Lost


Days flip by on the calendar,
And they add up like grains of sand,
Through the years they’re multiplied,
Just like the hearts demands,
We look back into the past,
To see moments that are already gone,
While in that long train of time,
Is it ourselves that come along.
There are moments we’ll always remember,
And those we wish we’d forget,
Days that are gone forever,
But our actions hold no regrets,
Every single tick of the clock,
Is a grain of sand piled on the heart,
And as those moments slip through our hands,
There’s the pain of being apart.
There are moments that we’re happy,
But they’re gone in the blink of an eye,
And as we struggle through them,
We’re surprised how fast they go by,
We cherish those moments together,
It’s as if we’re holding a dream,
When laughter was the sound we heard,
Instead of pain filled screams.
Things we felt in moments past,
Can be things we feel now,
And some things never leave our minds,
Confusing hearts somehow,
Each morning when we wake up,
There are things that stir our thoughts,
Moments somehow never lost,
Emotions that we’ve caught.
Though a moment may pass us by,
By the heart that moment’s retrieved,
And when we look to the mirror,
All the questions are relieved,
The heart provides a sound track,
That lost music for a soul,
And nowhere in the course of life,
Can lost moments fill the hole.
Some things found are never lost,
They live and breathe inside our eyes,
And any moment we think all is gone,
Emotions wear no disguise,
Even though time passes by,
Some things we know are real,
But memories aren’t lost moments,
If love is what we feel.

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