Belief in Moonlight


I peer through the blackened night,
The lights of town so far away,
And as soft white moonlight shines through the trees,
A wind makes their skeletons sway,
Guardians of reality’s dreamscape,
In the darkness seeming alive,
As the senses we rely on,
Seem safe locked somewhere inside.
Steam rises from standing water,
To disappear in the moonlit sky,
And as shadowed trees dance and sway,
The tendrils of steam seem ghosts that fly,
Spectral arms seem to reach out,
Though the trees don’t move at all,
And with the combination of steam and moonlight,
The darkness our dreams enthralls.
Step by step through the darkness,
The scenery changes within our pace,
As the place we silently look for,
Takes on the form of a shadowed face,
The trees emphasize it’s features,
The darkness part of a frame,
As the movement of the trees branches,
Seems to whisper, dreams you can’t tame.
In the darkness a voice whispers onward,
And the aspect of the trees seems to alter,
Instead of seeming sinister,
They point to the dreams that don’t falter,
Though the darkness beckons with shadows,
The trees now seem to point the way,
Their menacing features for the moment gone,
While the wind has much more to say.
Moonlight shows a path through the forest,
And in the darkness illuminates a door,
As tree branches massage our dreams,
And we want what’s hidden even more,
We open the door to see what’s within,
While the shadows strengthen our senses,
A face without a body slowly appears,
And in the darkness reality tenses.
Details in the darkness are amazingly clear,
As the wind whispers to the heart,
Though the face has no body,
It’s because the two of us are apart,
Step by step we travel through the darkness,
On this path through the shadowed trees,
And as the lips of the face appear to move,
We hear the words, Even in darkness love still breathes.

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