I Miss

To Marcy Howard

I miss the smell of fresh cut grass, I miss a cabin in the woods,
I miss a smile now long gone, I miss the could ofs and the should,
I miss a puppy on a porch, I miss a hot tub and its smell,
I miss the faint smell of pears, I miss a body known so well,
I miss caressing long dark hair, I miss those eyes that sparkle and shine,
I miss massaging your knotted back, I miss you saying that you’re mine.
I miss mornings with a coffee cup, I miss cookies and cream,
I miss taking showers with you, I miss the soap and steam,
I miss walking hand in hand, I miss pumpkin and spice,
I miss talking in the dark, I miss that smell so nice,
I miss hearing you whisper to me, I miss those colorful frills,
I miss waking up next to you, I miss your touch that thrills.
I miss waiting up for you, I miss holding you close to me,
I miss watching you as you sleep, I miss having who I need,
I miss having someone there, I miss Frisbee on the lawn,
I miss riding in the car, I miss you while you’re gone,
I miss being skin to skin, I miss the gargoyle tattoo,
I miss spooning in the bed, but mostly I miss you.
     Only you!!!



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